Sacred Circle: Manifesting Mastery (Winter 2019 Early Bird Bundle) by Michele Stans
Enrollment is closed

Sacred Circle: Manifesting Mastery (Winter 2019 Early Bird Bundle)

Enrollment is closed

What if you could create a life you really love?

The BIGGEST challenge or block to moving forward in creating the life you want is keeping the commitments you make to yourself when we start setting our intentions and doing the spiritual self-work it takes to start the manifesting process. Usually, as you go through this process you start peeling away your onion layers to find challenges that need resolution for you to level up and move forward, but doing that on your own can lead to fear, self-sabotage, and just plain ol’ stagnation in your spiritual journey that can putter out your goals and intentions.  And that never feels good.

So we try to self-soothe by reading the latest book, listening to a podcast, or watching a TedTalk to ignite that inspiration to move towards the life you know you want BUT usually that fire dwindles and fades because there is nothing after that one piece of info ends.  There are no next steps and you are left on your own again.  In the bell jar.
That’s where I, as a Coach, come in.  I am Michele Stans, 4th generation intuitive medium and certified holistic life coach.

 My job and my passion is to share and support your dream, to help you set intentions and commitments to yourself and to help keep you accountable to those intentions until they manifest into life-changing soul shifts!
One of the best ways for these soul shifts to happen is together in a group facilitated by a coach! (Aren’t you lucky I am here!)  When you have a coach as a sherpa of your dreams and fellow journey companions who are there with nothing but love, support, compassionate accountability, and being a witness to your journey – you have no more excuses to ignore your blocks and all the support to blast through those blocks and move up in your journey and start creating the life you know you want to live!

Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle Session is a 6-week cycle where you will:

  • Remember your divine spark and what brings you joy!
  • Get clarity around what it is you truly want from and in your life
  • Identify and dissolve your blocks to abundance in ALL your life areas
  • Have the expansion you need to empower yourself to bring ALL of that into your awareness
  • Engage your inner wisdom, power, and love to shift your soul and mindset from limiting beliefs to hope, love abundance!

Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle 6 Week Intimate Group Coaching Progra Includes:

Your 6 Week Sacred Circle Group Coaching spot in the intimate group setting of only 8 people including:

  • 6 weekly 1.5hour long online group coaching sessions (Thursday evenings from 6-7pm Central)
  • Replays for those who can’t make a coaching session – you may also submit pre & post questions for both the coach and fellow members to answer.
  • Homework (this may include worksheets, listening to audios, watching videos or other fun things!)
  • A coach who creates a space for you to safely unfold into who you know you are meant to be!

:: A $2700 value ::

Your investment is just $555!!!
(payment plans available)

BUT before you enroll - check out your FREE Bonuses!


1. Online Community! - There is a space right in our learning portal for use to talk back and forth between session, but once the group is convened, we will decide if you're group wants to have it's private community on Facebook or just to have our community interactions in the learning portal.  I let the group choose whichever is easiest for the majority.

2. Access to the Soul Coach Studio University Library that houses:
  • hours of workshop videos
  • tons of meditations
  • bunches of exercises
  • oodles of printables
  • and more!
  • All for you to use as long as you are a Manifesting Mastery Member
This is a $12,000 value in itself and is constantly growing. Yours as long as you are a Sacred Circle Member.

About Sacred Circles

My Sacred Circle group intensives are limited to ONLY 8 participants per 6-week cycle.  This creates the intimacy and sacredness it takes to work through your blocks, have others witness your shifts, and move into manifesting momentum in a warp speed way.

This is a deal I don't offer lightly or often. If you are wondering if this is for you - listen to recent Sacred Circle grad, Shauna Baughs of She Who Shines Coaching.

"I was a bit hesitant to join the Sacred Circle program because I know that sometimes groups can be a challenge for me. Of course, that was the exact same reason that I needed to be in this group. 

When we first started, I could feel my hesitations to do the activities, to be open, to share and to just be honest with the group (and with myself!) But, after we realized that we all had similar blocks around money, fear and success -- talking through that was one of the biggest "ah-ha" moments of my life. 

I realized that if I wanted to BE successful or SEE success than I had to redefine it and take ACTION to help me get there. 

By the time the program was over, I had figured out the type of coaching that I wanted to do, I had created a website, I had my first paid client, I had manifested money of of no-where and was feeling like I finally GOT IT! 

This is only just the first steps for me, but Michele made this EASY, FUN, SAFE and gave me hope that I had all of the tools that I needed to move forward. 

She is such a gem. WORK WITH HER -- IT IS WORTH IT!"
Shauna Baughs, She Who Shines Coaching

2019 is around the corner and isn't it time you finally step into your power, say YES to you and once and for all dissolve all those blocks keeping your your dreams?

It is time my friend!  As Wayne Dyer used to say, "If you want something different you need to do something different," and this is YOUR time to make that change!

I look forward to seeing YOU in the Circle.


What's included

Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle Session - Jan. 2019!

This 6-week class is a live group coaching experience where you will discover your purpose, learn to co-create the life you want and to shift...

SCS University Library

The Manifesting Magic Tool Kit!

The Manifesting Magic Tool Kit! - This practical guide will jumpstart your manifesting and power up your understanding of Law of Attraction!

Soul Coach Studio University

4th Generation Intuitive Medium, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher, Soul Coach Michele loves using her gifts of intuition, mediumship, and compassionate communication to inspire in you self-love, self-empowerment, and to trust in the truth of your own expansion!