Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle Session - Jan. 2019! by Michele Stans

Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle Session - Jan. 2019!

Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle: NEXT SESSION STARTS Jan. 2019

What if you could create a life you really love?

The BIGGEST challenge or block to moving forward in creating the life you want is keeping the commitments you make to yourself when we start setting our intentions and doing the spiritual self-work it takes to start the manifesting process. Usually, as you go through this process you start peeling away your onion layers to find challenges that need resolution for you to level up and move forward, but doing that on your own can lead to fear, self-sabotage, and just plain ol’ stagnation in your spiritual journey that can putter out your goals and intentions.  And that never feels good.

So we try to self-soothe by reading the latest book, listening to a podcast, or watching a TedTalk to ignite that inspiration to move towards the life you know you want BUT usually that fire dwindles and fades because there is nothing after that one piece of info ends.  There are no next steps and you are left on your own again.  In the bell jar.

That’s where I, as a Coach, come in.  My job is to share and support your dream, to help you set intentions and commitments to yourself and to help keep you accountable to those intentions until they manifest into life-changing soul shifts!

One of the best ways for these soul shifts to happen is together in a group facilitated by a coach! (Aren’t you lucky I am here!)  When you have a coach as a sherpa of your dreams and fellow journey companions who are there with nothing but love, support, compassionate accountability, and being a witness to your journey – you have no more excuses to ignore your blocks and all the support to blast through those blocks and move up in your journey and start creating the life you know you want to live!

Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle Session is a 6-week cycle where you will:

  • Remember your divine spark and what brings you joy!
  • Get clarity around what it is you truly want from and in your life
  • Identify and dissolve your blocks to abundance in ALL your life areas
  • Have the expansion you need to empower yourself to bring ALL of that into your awareness
  • Engage your inner wisdom, power, and love to shift your soul and mindset from limiting beliefs to hope, love abundance!

When you enroll, you receive:

  • 6 weekly 1.5hour long online group coaching sessions (Thursday evenings from 6-7pm Central)
  • Replays for those who can’t make a coaching session – you may also submit pre & post questions for both the coach and fellow members to answer.
  • A private online community just for those participating in the Group Coaching Experience
  • Homework (this may include worksheets, listening to audios, watching videos or other fun things!)
  • A coach who creates a space for you to safely unfold into who you know you are meant to be!


  • Hours of in-depth manifesting principle workshops
  • audio meditations
  • and other fun things!

What people are saying about being a part of the Sacred Circle

"In this self-help arena, we have motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, and transformation speakers. 

Michele can fall into all these areas but Michele is truly a transformation coach.

You can read all her memes she posts, her book, and gobble up all of the freebies she puts out there and, yes, they will motivate and inspire you, BUT when you invest in yourself and work with her you will know what transformation feels like!”

Jackie F.
"Magic happens when a group of soul-centered people gather to manifest together. Thanks to Michele’s masterful coaching, I experience that magic every time I meet with the group. Michele creates and holds a safe space for us to share, laugh, weep, and grow. This group is itself a Manifested Miracle; I don’t know how else to explain the pitch perfect combination of personalities and the high-vibe synergy we create together, but the power we generate is...magical."
Susan M.

The Next Sacred Circle Sessions Start In January 2019!

Get on the wait list now so you know all the deets for the next session!

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4th Generation Intuitive Medium, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher, Soul Coach Michele loves using her gifts of intuition, mediumship, and compassionate communication to inspire in you self-love, self-empowerment, and to trust in the truth of your own expansion!