7 Steps to Manifesting Free Mini Course! by Michele Stans

7 Steps to Manifesting Free Mini Course!

7 Steps to Manifesting Free Mini Course!

7 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams Free Mini Course

In this free 7-day mini course, you will join Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Coach, LoA Teacher & Author, Michele Stans on a journey to learn the practical steps in the practice of Law of Attraction!

By the end of it, YOU will understand the who, what, where, when, why and HOWs of working with the Universe to co-create the life you are dreaming about!

If you are new to manifesting or a seasoned Law of Attraction practitioner who wants to deepen their practice - this is for you!

In this free mini course, you will:
  • learn the basics of the mindset you need to embrace to start manifesting like a ninja
  • get a grounded understanding of some of the concepts that have to line up in law of attraction for you to manifest your dreams
  • a practical plan of action to start manifesting the life you know you are meant to live!

In this course you will learn...

There are 7 basic and practical steps to learning how to manifest.  This is the ground work for you to plan your own spiritual journey from.  In this course you will follow the following lessons:
  • Welcome & Intro to Law of Attraction
  • Step 1 - Getting Centered
  • Step 2 - Gratitude
  • Step 3 - The Ask
  • Step 4 - Let it Go
  • Step 5 - Alignment
  • Step 6 - Awareness & The Contrast
  • Step 7 - Gracefully Receiving
  • Recap & Next Steps..

Right there with you the whole way! #TogetherWeRise!

A lot of times you sign up for courses and when they end - you are left hanging.  That is not how we role here.  As a certified holistic life coach and 4th generation intuitive medium who specializes in law of attraction coaching, I feel it is my calling not only to teach and coach manifesting in a fun and practical way but also to be here for you as long as you want to walk together on your journey.

That means - once you finish this course, together we will figure out your next steps.  If this course is enough for you - FABULOUS!

If you want to keep going - I got you! 

As a bonus just for joining this course - each month I have a free open workshop to answer your questions about this course and to chat about your best next right actions for your journey.  That could be a one-on-one coaching experience with me, joining the next round of Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle group coaching, or doing some self- work until you are ready to take those next steps.

No matter what though, I am and will always be here for you in this journey!


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4th Generation Intuitive Medium, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher, Soul Coach Michele loves using her gifts of intuition, mediumship, and compassionate communication to inspire in you self-love, self-empowerment, and to trust in the truth of your own expansion!