Soul Coach Studio University

4th Generation Intuitive Medium, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher, Soul Coach Michele loves using her gifts of intuition, mediumship, and compassionate communication to inspire in you self-love, self-empowerment, and to trust in the truth of your own expansion!

It's Time to Matriculate!

Soul Coach Studio University is where you can not only find your tribe and learn as a group but if you are more of a DIY kinda person who likes the phone a friend for help option - we have that too!

Whether you are a beginner manifestor,  wanting to deepen your Law of Attraction practice or you are a seasoned metaphysician wanting to nerd out with other wise woo-woos woos - you are in the right place!  Check out our groups, classes, programs, and other fun tools and things below.  Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Soul Coach Michele

Manifesting Mastery Sacred Circle Session - Jan. 2019!

This 6-week class is a live group coaching experience where you will discover your purpose, learn to co-create the life you want and to shift...

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31 Days of Affirmations for a Manifesting Mindset!

Want to shift your mind from lack, despair, and fear to love, hope, and abundance? Well, you're in luck! This 31 Days of Affirmations for...

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7 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams Course AND Manifesting Magic Toolkit!

This two-in-one bundle is a perfect primer for those who are just starting their manifesting work or it might even be a refresher or maybe...

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